Legislature Finalized Vote, Puts Alimony Bill on Scott’s Desk

By Christine Jordan Sexton

Apr 19, 2013

Following an emotionally-charged debate, the Florida Legislature on Thursday sent to Gov. Rick Scott a sweeping measure that would alter the state’s alimony laws, including eliminating permanent alimony.

The final vote in the House was not close, but the 85-31 vote followed nearly an hour of debate where lawmakers told personal stories about the impact of divorce on their own lives.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a 32-year-old Democrat from Coral Springs, insisted that the relationship between his own parents remained strained and bitter because his mother received alimony for 10 years. Their connection only improved after the alimony payments ended, he told fellow legislators.

“This debate that we are having now is about money, it’s not about families,” Moskowitz said.

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