Reporter & Keynoter: Whitney impresses, but Raschein for state House


Friday, October 19, 2012

Keys voters as well as voters in south Miami-Dade County have the luxury of choosing between two very engaged and engaging candidates for the state House District 120 seat.

Both bring energy and ideas to the campaign, which has been a refreshing one to watch, especially for those who’ve listened and seen both at one of the numerous forums held during this campaign.

On most social policy issues, the two aren’t that far apart, although Whitney definitely adheres to a more liberal agenda for Democrats, while Merrill Raschein is a more moderate Republican than her late former boss Sorensen.

Merrill Raschein brings more experience to the job and has demonstrated her ability to cross the aisle, working alongside both Democrats and Republicans on legislative matters that affect the state’s southernmost district.

Merrill-Raschein, working within a GOP-controlled Florida House, is better positioned to deliver the rest of that wastewater funding, along with other legislative priorities of most importance to Keys voters.

We endorse Merrill-Raschein for House District 120.

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