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Thursday, July 26, 2012

OUR OPINION: State House District 117, 119, 120


Morgan McPherson and Holly Raschein, both Republicans, are vying for the chance to represent this district, which stretches from Key West up to and including the southern tip of Miami-Dade County. Some of the state’s most pressing issues all come to bear in this district — windstorm insurance, unemployment, water quality, the fragile environment, threats to agriculture and smart growth.

Ms. Raschein, 31, already has bridged the gap between this southernmost district and Tallahassee. She is a former legislative aide, and it speaks well of her abilities that she worked for two lawmakers on opposite sides of the aisle: Democrat Ron Saunders and conservative Republican Ken Sorenson.

Ms. Raschein knows her way around the Legislature, knows how the complex work gets accomplished, and this makes her the better candidate. She says that she is a fiscal conservative who “knows we cannot spend our way to prosperity.” However, she also notes that Florida must invest in its assets — human and environmental — if the state is to prosper.

For House District 120, The Herald recommends HOLLY RASCHEIN.

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