Reporter & Keynoter: Raschein most qualified for House District 120

Friday, July 27, 2012 

Voters in the Republican state House District 120 primary, which takes in all of Monroe County and part of Miami-Dade, have two candidates from which to choose on Aug. 14, former Key West Mayor Morgan McPherson and Holly Raschein, who resigned as legislative aide to state Rep. Ron Saunders to run.

Raschein has lived in Key Largo for nine years. Prior to Saunders, she worked for Republican state Rep. Ken Sorensen, whom Saunders succeeded. It’s a relationship not often seen, a Republican working as the chief legislative aide for a Democrat — a Democrat who has been House minority leader the past two years.

In her role, Raschein has learned about windstorm insurance, since lower Keys rates and acquiring state money for sewer construction have been Saunders’ main priorities the past six years. She’s also demonstrated that, like Saunders, she can work both sides of the political aisle, and there is no doubt that for the past nine years, she has made countless valuable legislative and governmental contacts to ensure the Keys get their fair share of state attention — and money — when warranted.

Raschein describes herself as fiscally conservative and socially moderate, and has demonstrated such through her involvement in numerous community organizations that advocate social good no matter party affiliation.

In this time of an overwhelming Republican House that has done much to gut voter rights and committed to follow Tea Party agendas, a moderate — one who has nearly a decade of experience winding through the maze of Tallahassee politics — would better represent Keys’ diverse interests. Her record stands in marked contrast to a partisan candidate whose public service has been limited to four years in Key West politics.

We endorse Holly Raschein in the Aug. 14 GOP primary.

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