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My life changed forever when I moved from Alaska to Florida. When I first stepped foot down here, I knew the Florida Keys would be home for the rest of my life.

I learned soon after that we can’t take our lifestyle for granted and knew I wanted to dedicate my life to serving this beautifully unique region. I began working as a legislative aide, serving our previous two representatives to the Florida House and learned how to be an effective voice in the Florida Legislature.

In 2012, I was honored to be elected to my first term serving our friends and neighbors in the Florida Keys and South Miami-Dade County. As a fiscal conservative, I worked hard to ensure that our spending is targeted, efficient and cost effective. I’ve worked to reduce our windstorm insurance rates, funding critical need wastewater projects and passed legislation promoting agritourism for the benefit of our farmers.

With our economy growing and our resources at a premium, our families and businesses need someone who understands what it takes to run a business and be a good neighbor. My husband Ryan owns a small business and we know first hand the struggles and challenges faced by job creators from workforce availability to regulatory compliance.  READ MORE >>


We must have an inclusive and diverse workforce to keep our state and our region vibrant and prosperous. Unfortunately, legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is being held up in the legislature, and we need to break the deadlock.


Life here requires maintaining a balance between ensuring our economy prospers and preserving our unique environment. We believe smart public policy involves investing now in the environment of the Florida Keys through water quality and land protection so that we ensure the Keys’ valuable industries, which are drawn to the locale for its high-value environment and one-of-a-kind marine ecosystem, continue to be the revenue-generating economic engine that they are, delivering high profits for the state.


Our district sends more money to Tallahassee each year then we receive back in state services. With our low unemployment and strong tourism numbers, our home has become a “donor” region to Tallahassee. Holly believes it’s time for us to start getting back our fair share from Tallahassee and is fighting on our behalf for funding for infrastructure, schools and environmental restoration.


Life down here requires respect for our natural resources. From the Everglades to Biscayne Bay to the Keys, our region is strongly shaped by our environment. Holly knows we need common sense policies that restore our reef and protect our commercial fisherman. Holly understands that our environment is intimately tied to our economy and that harmony between economics and ecology is essential for our livelihood and lifestyle.


Holly works with our local law enforcement and elected officials to make sure our community is safe. Keeping our crime rate low is essential to our region’s economic health and Holly works in Tallahassee to get our law enforcement programs funded and our homes safe.


South Miami-Dade is home to crops that grow nowhere else in our country. Our region is agriculturally unique and Holly believes that we must keep Homestead and the Redland distinct from urban Miami, preserving the rich agricultural heritage of our region.


As a mother, Holly knows that there is nothing more important than the future of our children. Ensuring all our children have access to world-class schools is key to our future and Holly has worked to increase school funding each year since she entered the legislature.

As any parent or grandparent knows, all children are different and many have unique needs. Providing educational options allows for all of our children to access the instruction best suited for their needs.